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DRESDivision of Real Estate Services (various locations)
DRESDotation Régionale d'Équipement Scolaire (French: Regional Allocation of School Equipment)
DRESDisk Reset
DRESDistributed Requirements Engineering System
DRESDefence Research Establishment Suffield
DRESDeep River Elementary School (Connecticut)
DRESDisability Related Employment Supports (Canada)
DRESDietary Risk Evaluation System (EPA)
DRESDynamic Range Encoding Scheme
DRESDisability Resource and Educational Services
DRESDisaster Response Evaluation System (FEMA)
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The objective of this study was therefore to ascertain whether SA doctors who are not in the field of urology perform DREs to assess the prostate for cancer, where indicated.
We can achieve this immunity by taking DREs out of the business of counting votes altogether.
It was still choking Dres when police forced their way into his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, after being alerted by one of his friends.
Except for their voting software and a few other modifications, DREs differ little from everyday personal computers.
Fewer than 1% had positive DREs or transrectal ultrasonography.
DREs commonly use a touchscreen that allows voters to literally touch their choices on a computerized ballot.
However, at least two factors led to a sharp increase in public concerns about DREs beginning in 2003.
This includes counties in ten "swing" states--Colorado, Delaware, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana--that will record a total of 9 million votes on DREs, from 200,000 in New Mexico up to 3.
This could due to the stable integration of the construct and the presence of four DREs compared with three DREs in the transiently transfected pDR[E.
Measurement of serum PSA concentrations in combination with DRE markedly improves the detection of PCa and increases the lead time for diagnosis (4, 5).
When the research team restricted the analysis to include only DREs performed in the absence of signs and symptoms of cancer, the association was much stronger--95%.