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DRESTDeployment-Ready Expeditionary Skills Training
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So holy in my head, Perfect and light in my deare breast, My doctrine tun'd by Christ, (who is not dead, But lives in me while I do rest) Come people; Aaron's drest. (21-25) This invocation from a priest to his congregation, a rare occurrence in Herbert's verse, conveys the priest's internal fitness for pastoral service as he welcomes his parish with open arms.
Expression is the Dress of Thought, and still Appears more decent, as more suitable; A vile Conceit in pompous Words exprest, Is like a Clown in regal Purple drest...
All earth is drest In quietness as in a garb of grey."(19) The verse seems to be chosen as a counterpoint to Conrad's tense tale of man against the elements.
Never was woe drest out in gayer colours, and when I was led to the altar, I wished from my soul I had been led, as Iphegenia was, to be sacrificed.
I am sure I saw you in every part you acted the first and second year, and remember Dollabella--and old Sparks, who with an odd manner was by no means without merit, saying 'Dollabella's Cleopatra every man's Cleopatra'--I recollected an extraordinary Play call'd Philoclea in which Barry and you two Princes in the disguise of Arcadian Shepherds were prettily drest, & look'd remarkably well.
RADIATION DOSES: A COMPARISON Typical Equivalent effective period Number of Radiation source dose (in of background drest X-rays millisieverts) radiation (PA & lateral Background radiation 3 mSv 1 year 30 Chest X-ray 0.1 m5v 12 days 1 (PA & lateral) Calcium scoring 2 mSv 8 months 20 Chest CT scan 7 mSv 2 years 70 Cardiac CT scan 3-30 mSv 1-10 years 30-300 Nuclear stress test 10-40 m5v 3-13 years 100-400 Source: Ronan Curtin, MD, and Scott Flamm, MD, Cleveland Clinic
2008 ATAD and activated sludge improvements, East Wenatchee; apparent low bidder was Pacific Drest of Lynnwood.
What is a Butterfly?--at best he's but a caterpillar drest.--The gaudy Fop's his picture just.
(5) Complicating statements exist, however, such as the claim in Thomas Jordan's masque Fancy's Festivals (printed 1657) that 'Extempore's in fashion' (6) and Thomas Nabbes's in The Bride (1640) which, in terms that mimic Byplay's diminishment and augmentation of his scripts, says the play 'is here drest according to mine own desire and intention; without ought taken from her that my selfe thought ornament; nor supplied with any thing which I valued but as rags'.
When, 'in birth-day splendour drest', he starts reciting one of his poems,
Of one sister: "Though more than 40 years old drest with an affectation of youth & finery ill chosen & worse put on.