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Before SAR imaging process, DRFP in (10) is down-converted by SAR receiver to derive its base band form as
DRFP-[eta]](n) represent the fast-time and slow-time components of DRFP jamming, respectively.
So the imaging result of DRFP is equal to the multiplication of [s.
Therefore, DRFP can be deemed as the superposition of Single Tone Modulated Jamming (STMJ).
By substituting (24) into (14), the imaging result of DRFP can be derived as
Until now, we have derived the imaging results of DRFP with periodic modulation waveforms.
Two-dimensional periodic modulations are utilized by the DRFP discussed in last sub-section, where a phase shifter and a DDS are needed.
The jamming generation procedure of DRFP can be described as follows.
Before the rail-way SAR experiments, the performances of DRFP jammer are tested by an Inner Field SAR Simulator (IFSARS).
Os cruzamentos entre os indices da presenca ou ausencia de DRFP e de DRM dos pais,no caso de ocorrencia de dificuldade de relacionamento conjugal (DRC) dos participantes, estao reproduzidos na Tabela 2.
Ainda de acordo com a Tabela 2, na presenca de DRC dos participantes, ambos os grupos relataram DRFP (mulheres: 50%; homens: 43%) e percepcao de DRM dos pais (mulheres: 67%; homens: 57%).
Alem das analises de frequencias apresentadas ate aqui, analises das medias das variaveis referentes as dificuldades relacionais (DRC, DRFP e DRM), bem como as percepcoes subjetivas (Dominador, Fraco e Amigo), foram realizadas e apresentadas na Tabela 3.