DRFSDistant Recurrence Free Survival (oncology)
DRFSDirect Response Financial Services (Los Angeles, CA)
DRFSDaniel Richey Financial Services (Heber Springs, AR)
DRFSDual Reflector Feed System
DRFSData Recorder Functional Segment (ASW)
DRFSDifferential Ratiometric Fluorescence Spectroscopy
DRFSDrug Revolving Fund Scheme (Nigeria)
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SB 11 would also appropriate $3 million to renovate existing hospital space for construction of three new or expanded DRFs, each with at least 10 beds and all in regions with a dearth of inpatient treatment capacity.
To assist officers effectively focusing their time on a person's DRFs, a training aid was shared that summarized an article from the December 2014 issue of Federal Probation Journal, called "Driving Evidence-Based Supervision to the Next Level: Utilizing PCRA, 'Drivers,' and Effective Supervision Techniques." (2) To assist officers - following the specific responsivity principle, the concept of stage matching was discussed.
Once a Datum Reference Frame (DRF) has been selected, tolerances shall be selected on all target features of the part.
To the best of our knowledge, there are only four reports of pediatric distal ulnar epiphysiolysis without DRF [1-4], and there are only four previous reports of isolated ulnar head fracture in adults [5-8].
Analyses were performed by using 8-year RFS, defined as locoregional or distant primary tumor recurrence (ipsilateral or contralateral breast cancer), as well as DRFS and DFS.
The procedure for deriving dose-response functions (DRF) and trends in corrosion and soiling from the measured material deterioration at different exposure sites is described in (Reiss, 2004; Final Report, 2005; Tidblad et al., 2011, 2012, 2013).
Recovery of hand range of motion and manual dexterity following distal radius fractures may contribute to the clinical and functional outcome following DRFs, including grip strength, DASH scores, time out of work, and return to full-duty work.
--obtain DRF by dividing design regions from I3 into 7 x 7 pixel fragments
Survival data are reported as recurrence free survival (RFS) or disease free survival (DFS) (a), overall survival (OS) (b), metastasis free survival (MFS) or distant relapse free survival (DRFS) (c), and disease specific survival (DSS) (d).
4), AUC values for the 3 metabolites were 0.821, 0.780, and 0.739 for IPD and non-IPD subjects, and that of the combined DRFs was 0.746.
The success in building a smaller hospital facility was dependent on a statewide system of community supports, including the development of regional designated receiving facilities (DRFs) at local hospitals, which could provide voluntary or involuntary short-term crisis stabilization and care closer to people's homes, families and community supports.