DRHDirection des Ressources Humaines (French: Management of Human Resources)
DRHDiretoria de Recursos Humanos (Portuguese: Human Resources Department; Brazil)
DRHDepartment of Reproductive Health
DRHData Objects Rowset Helper
DRHDivision of Reproductive Health (CDC)
DRHDetroit Receiving Hospital (Detroit, MI)
DRHDriver Handle
DRHDivision of Radiological Health
DRHDouglas R. Hofstadter (professor and science writer)
DRHDelinquent Road Hazards (from the movie Cars)
DRHDepartment of Radiological Health
DRHDiameter at Reference Height (forestry)
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DRH will continue to own and operate its 64 franchised BWW restaurants and be listed on the NASDAQ exchange.
Nabil El Khalidy, DRH pour Maroc Soir explique que quand il a decouvert le concept de la conduite du changement en 2006, il l'a trouve couteux.
According to DRH records, the four miners were working inside the shaft owned by a certain Josel Mamac when a powerful blast went off in a nearby tunnel, sending noxious fumes into their tunnel, suffocating them.
The city government and the state-operated DRH made the pact official by signing a Memorandum of Agreement last January 6, with Mayor Allan Rellon and DRH's Supervising Administrative Officer Carlito Pillerin as signatories.
The robbery took place at the DRH store in Rhosnesni near Wrexham on Wednesday night.
C'est ce qu'a annonce, hier, le directeur des ressources humaines (DRH) de la police, le lieutenant colonel Mohamed Benired, au forum de la surete nationale sur la valorisation des resultats enregistres durant ce Salon.
DiamondRock Hospitality Company (NYSE: DRH), a US-based holding company that invests in real estate including hotels and resorts, has announced a financing.
Em duas condicoes experimentais distintas, tandem VI DRH foi empregado na producao, ora de S+, ora de S-.
DiamondRock Hospitality Company (NYSE: DRH), a US-based holding company that invests in real estate like hotels and resorts, has entered into a purchase and sale agreement to acquire the leasehold interest in the 821-room Hilton Minneapolis (the hotel).