DRHDirection des Ressources Humaines (French: Management of Human Resources)
DRHDivision of Reproductive Health (CDC)
DRHDetroit Receiving Hospital (Detroit, MI)
DRHDriver Handle
DRHDivision of Radiological Health
DRHDouglas R. Hofstadter (professor and science writer)
DRHDelinquent Road Hazards (from the movie Cars)
DRHDepartment of Radiological Health
DRHDiameter at Reference Height (forestry)
DRHDepartment of Reproductive Health
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Nabil El Khalidy, DRH pour Maroc Soir explique que quand il a decouvert le concept de la conduite du changement en 2006, il l'a trouve couteux.
The DRH Collection Pedestal Cake Stand With Dome, [pounds sterling]32.
A domestic entity makes a payment to a DRH that is treated as a dividend under either U.
Le DRH de la DGSN, le lieutenant-colonel, Mohamed Benaired a precise que [beaucoup moins que]les effectifs de la Surete nationale sont passes de 166 348 fonctionnaires en 2010 a 170 638 en 2011, puis a 188 865 en 2012[beaucoup plus grand que].
Mr Howles, who takes up his new role today, is managing director of DRH Project Consultants, a Birmingham quantity surveying and project management company.
Brighton is our next step in the plan to open a minimum of 24 Bagger Dave's locations over the next six years, either corporately-owned or franchised, under our existing Franchise Disclosure Documents filed and approved in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois," commented Michael Ansley, President and CEO of DRH.
Tickers featured: AHT, BEE, DRH, FCH, HOT, HPT, HST, LHO, SHO.
It is the 21st Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant operated by DRH.
Airport Road and US-31 and is the 20th Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant operated by DRH.
Net income for the 2010 third quarter was $200 thousand compared with net income in last year's third quarter of $174 thousand (on a non-GAAP basis) and $183 thousand (on a GAAP basis), a 15% and 9% improvement, respectively, as DRH continued to reinvest operational cash in new restaurant development.