DRHTDahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail (Virginia)
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According (6) and (7), we note that [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] since [absolute value of [P.sub.k]] < [absolute value of P] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] That means that when the node [n.sub.i] and the node [n.sub.j] belong to the same cluster, the delay of routing of DRHT is lower to the single message ferry.
Based on the figure 4, the delivery delay consists of three parts in the DRHT.
The cluster head in the DRHT has a major impact within its substructure.
This section provides an optimization of delivery rate of bundles and the delivery delay in the DRHT by the optimal check point of CHs within the cluster.
,[P.sub.N } the set of all the specific nodes considered for the DRHT in each cluster.
In this section, we define our proposed objective function for effective execution of the election of the CH in the DRHT based on the Custody Transfer.
The probability of success to deliver a bundle is an important metric for the evaluation of data delivery quality in the DRHT under our approach of the election of the CH.
These results, which offer a fairly high dilevery rate in the DRHT, can be explained by the use of multiple MF and an optimal CH in each cluster.