DRIDDrug-Related Infectious Disease
DRIDDefense Reform Initiative Directive
DRIDDevelopment Review and Inspection Department (Austin, TX)
DRIDDefense Reform Initiative Decision
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(5)-Klasnja, A.; Drapsin, M.; Lukac, D.; Drid, P.; Obadov, S.; Grujio, N.
Originally from the Philippines, Hi- dalgo holds an MA in communications and journalism from Ma- drid's Universidad de Complutense.
Application of DRID computing for optimization of grillages, Mechanika 2(82): 63-69.
(1.) Hurlbut was the defense attorney when Foster was put on trial for the murder of Peter Waters, known as 'Drid'.
any offers for Alonso or Mascherano but with Real Ma drid and Barcelona both having publicly confirmed their interest, it is likely to be only a matter of time before bids are made.
Como Convertir un buen guion en un guion excelente.Ma drid. Editorial Rialp.
B Thiery; T Ngwenya, P Bidabe, D Traille, I Bolakoro; J Peyrelongue (R Cabannes 78), F Cibray; F Barcella (E Coetzee 17), B Noirot (B August 52), M Moala (Noirot 65), J Thion (capt), T Hall, P Som (W Lauret 51), I Harinordoquy, M Drid
Although Kurath is likely one of the most prominent proponents of dance notation in an anthropological context, the need for notation is echoed by others such as Drid Williams: The best evidence that can be produced about a dance, a sign language, an exercise technique, a set of greeting gestures (or any other movement-based phenomena) is a written text of the movements themselves (218).