DRIDDrug-Related Infectious Disease
DRIDDefense Reform Initiative Directive
DRIDDevelopment Review and Inspection Department (Austin, TX)
DRIDDefense Reform Initiative Decision
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33) The DoD has no doubt taken these fig ures to heart and it appears will extend the DRID No.
34) The January 2002 Army and Air Force utility privatization Quarterly Reports reference this meeting; the Army understanding of the IPB meeting outcome is that the DRID No.
42) The DoD statistics discussed above confirm, however, that the Navy did not meet the 30 September 2001 milestone as directed by DRID No.
46) The January 2002 Air Force Quarterly Report discusses the Air Force's understanding that the 6 September 2001 DoD IPB meeting would ultimately result in new DRID No.
Is the current DoD policy that installations do not have to privatize their eligible utility systems, but if they do privatize, they have to do so within the DRID No.
While the ICCPR presents a general framework for religious freedom, the DRID offers a more detailed system for religious rights.
For example, while Article 5 of the DRID asserts that "[e]very child shall enjoy the right to have access to education in the matter of religion or belief in accordance with the wishes of his parents"(227) the Baoding Village Religious Regulations explicitly forbid parents from raising and educating their children religiously.
Although Chinese legislation is even more incompatible with the DRID than with the ICCPR, the Chinese Government again is not necessarily violating its international obligations.
While Chinese legislation might not violate the ICCPR or the DRID, it could still violate customary international law.