DRILDistal Revascularization, Interval Ligation
DRILDesign Research Informatics Lab (Mississippi State University; Mississippi State, MS)
DRILDeep River Investment Ltd. (Mauritius)
DRILDornoch Risk International Limited (UK)
DRILData Record Information Library
DRILDepot Repair Items List
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In cases where our method fails, it is our opinion that the methods that increase the blood flow to the fistula, such as the arterial inflow proximalization technique and the DRIL technique must be used to save the fistula and ensure perfusion distal to the fistula.
DRILS and Falcon Flex have made great strides in capturing and utilizing maintenance data respectively to lower costs and increase aircraft availability to the warfighter--effectively turning maintenance information into air power.
Falcon Flex analysis significantly contributes to identifying and resolving CND/NFF problems using DRILS serialized repair history from the field and depot (Air Force and contractor).