DRILDistal Revascularization, Interval Ligation
DRILDesign Research Informatics Lab (Mississippi State University; Mississippi State, MS)
DRILDeep River Investment Ltd. (Mauritius)
DRILData Record Information Library
DRILDornoch Risk International Limited (UK)
DRILDepot Repair Items List
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With our highly divided attention, it is perhaps only humour that can provide us with a moment to pause and reflect, making Dril the philosopher we most need now, even if we don't deserve him or her.
Eight eyes (40%) in the switch group and 6 eyes (26%) in the ranibizumab group had the presence of DRIL. EZ disruption was present in 9 eyes (45%) in the switch group and 7 eyes (30.4%) in the ranibizumab group.
However, in cases with critical ischemia preexisting the fistula our method does not yield results and the solution is in our opinion the proximalization of the arterial inflow or the DRIL technique.
The Dril Project was created to produce a documentary in Spanish to be given free of charge to Equatorial Guinea's television network (EGTV) to be aired for public viewing.
Representatives of Turkmenistan and Russia may also attend the dril. Four orientation and logistical conferences will be held in U.S., Germany and Kyrgyzstan prior to beginning of the Regional Cooperation 2012 exercises.
In April 2011, Halliburton won the contract to dril 15 wells at the field, along with a range of well construction services utilising three rigs.
Mi gafodd ei greu am fod cymaint o bobl ofn mynd at y deintydd am fod swen y dril yn codi ofn arnyn nhw.
In one case the opinion of "clinicians" is illustrated by a quotation from Dmitrii Andreevich Dril', who did not even complete his medical education and had a degree in law (72).
Javier Dril Bustamente, who lives beside the River Ene, said that local people's feelings against the dam were very strong.
* The vascular surgeons in this program performed their first DRIL procedure January 2009.