DRIMDirection des Ressources Immobilières (French: Real Estate Resources Department)
DRIMDown Regulated in Metastasis (gene)
DRIMDéfense et Résistance chez les Invertébrés Marins (Montpellier, France)
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* The disaster risk insurance manual (DRIM) tackle the different ingredients for an effective disaster risk reduction and management.
The dye bath was comprised with urea (100 g/L); drim blue (2.92 g/L); jack L yellow (1 g/L); anti-migrating agent (25 g/L).
Some authors argue that the name means a 'passage' and derives from the passage of the Crn Drim through the daljans, dalyan being a Turkish word indicating places surrounded by reed, where fish and eels were caught, fishing being one of the main preoccupations in this region from the Neolithic Age to date.
As introduced in the previous section, PSNR, SSIM, DRIM, and TMQI are the full reference IQAs.
This value is significantly higher than 100, 140 and 180 mg/g respectively for Drim red, Drim blue and Drim yellow on OSA [13].
2479 Villepasteur, A., Ancient text messages of the Yoruba Bdtd drim: cracking the code.
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(dri drim uhm) (from dream inserted into dream) a frame tale; a story within a story; a dream within a dream; a dream in which another dream is dreamed; the act of awakening from a dream and describing it to people only to awaken and discover that experience was itself a dream; life.
He added that the biggest polluters are rivers Grasnica and Treska and the settlement Daljan from where most waste pours into river Drim.
According to MP Jani Makraduli, who possesses some mathematically derived proportions about the consumption of water in the electric engineering system, there is a direct link between the water-level and the produced electricity of the first from the two in the range hydro power plants on the line Crn Drim River--"Globocica" and "Spilje".
(43) Examples of other CAD-associated loci identified through GWA studies include 19pl3 (LDLR), lp32 (PCKS9), and 12q23-24 (DRIM, SH2B3, HNFlA-C12orf45).