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DRIPDividend Reinvestment Plan
DRIPDual Ring Protocol
DRIPDuplicate Ring Protocol
DRIPDividend Reinvestment Program
DRIPDual Ring Protocol (Cisco)
DRIPDirection de la Réussite et de l'Insertion Professionnelle (French: Directorate of Success and Professional Insertion)
DRIPData Rich Information Poor
DRIPDesign Review Information Package (US DoD)
DRIPDynamisch Route Informatie Paneel (Dutch traffic management)
DRIPDuplicate Ring Protocol (Cisco)
DRIPDynamic Route Information Panels (traffic)
DRIPDon't Reelect Incumbent Politicians
DRIPDermocystidium species, Rosette agent, Ichthyophonus species, and Psorospermium species (parasites)
DRIPDevice Recording Independent Package
DRIPDifferentiate, Remind, Inform, Persuade (marketing communications)
DRIPDetector Response Intercomparison Program
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The additional advantage is that we can use fertilizer alongwith water through the Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System according to requirements of plants.
The additional advantage is that we can use fertilizer along with water through the Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System according to requirements of plants.
The recommended watering duration using the drip irrigation system for her area is two hours, three times per week, but it depends on the weather conditions.Drip is the commonly used irrigation system in Kenya, with the others being overhead and surface irrigation.
He admitted that without drip irrigation the 'dune would never have produced anything.'
'Ours is the only farm in Pakistan that has set up a drip irrigation system over such a huge tract - and in the desert too,' said Asif Riaz Taj, who manages Infiniti Agro and Livestock Farm.
The adoption of drip sprinkler system would enable growers and cultivators to save 50 per cent irrigation water from wastage besides increasing the standard of productivity.
My friends chose the aesthetic drip while I got the anti-oxidant vitamin C drip to lessen my coughing caused by smoking cessation.
SvelT'i introduces quick-acting solutions for a multitude of skin and health concerns collectively called the rainbow drip. Each color in this unique collection of treatments targets and treats some of the most common but pressing conditions that plague women as they age not only superficially but thoroughly, bringing about holistic healing.
He said drip Irrigation system helps in providing water and fertilizer to plants at the same time, whereas in conventional irrigation system, water gets wasted.
Leaving the drip can cause further problems in your home from damp if the water does not go straight down the plughole.
And at night, after all the visitors are gone, the silence is broken only by the slow drip, drip, drip of water.
Pulse drip irrigation consists of a short period of watering followed by a pause and another short period of watering, and this cycle repeats until all the required water depth is applied.