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DRIPDividend Reinvestment Plan
DRIPDual Ring Protocol
DRIPDuplicate Ring Protocol
DRIPDividend Reinvestment Program
DRIPDual Ring Protocol (Cisco)
DRIPDirection de la Réussite et de l'Insertion Professionnelle (French: Directorate of Success and Professional Insertion)
DRIPData Rich Information Poor
DRIPDesign Review Information Package (US DoD)
DRIPDynamisch Route Informatie Paneel (Dutch traffic management)
DRIPDuplicate Ring Protocol (Cisco)
DRIPDynamic Route Information Panels (traffic)
DRIPDon't Reelect Incumbent Politicians
DRIPDermocystidium species, Rosette agent, Ichthyophonus species, and Psorospermium species (parasites)
DRIPDevice Recording Independent Package
DRIPDifferentiate, Remind, Inform, Persuade (marketing communications)
DRIPDetector Response Intercomparison Program
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A drip refers to a disposition of undisciplined paint rather than an active artistic power.
Now here is the lie: all the components in the drip are water soluble which means it's a very simple job for the kidneys to get rid of them.
She said that installation of solar systems for drip irrigation systems would also save farmers' cost on electricity.
From the fiscal year 2016-17 till now, drip irrigation system had been installed on more than 11,000 acres of land, tunnel farming on more than 350 acres of land, while on an area of more than 1,500 acres, drip/ sprinkle irrigation system with solar system had been installed, he added.
ReShape is a great blend for weight-watchers who hope to stay in perfect shape with a drip infused with vitamins, slimming L-carnitine, and other potent fat-burners and antioxidants.
Around 6 g muscles were cut and kept at 4[degrees]C for the measurement of pH at 45 min postmortem, 5 g muscle was collected from one end of each sample and stored at -20[degrees]C for the quantitation of HSP and the residual muscle was subjected to measurements of color, cooking loss, drip loss and shear force on the sampling day after the measurement of initial pH.
13 July 2016 - US-based landing page software company Leadpages has acquired email marketing automation software company Drip, the company said.
The other - practised on barely six to seven million hectares, but gradually increasing - is drip irrigation, where using irrigation systems, water is directed at the root of each crop, reducing wastage by 40-50 per cent.
For many crops, the conversion from sprinkler to drip irrigation can reduce water use by 50 percent.
Browse the full Drip Irrigation Systems Market report at http://www.
Sarpashev recalled that today's agriculture sector faces three main issues: transformation of the lands, water wells, drip irrigation.
Drip irrigation is a profitable way to water agricultural lands.