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DRIPSDynamic Rule Based Instrumentation of Production Systems
DRIPSDecision-Theoretic Refinement Planning System
DRIPSDirect Response Information Processing System (software; DRIPSbiz, Inc.)
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The desire to cut out the middleman has fueled the - proliferation of Websites devoted to both DSPs and DRIPs. Many of these sites charge fees to provide this service.
Here are two easy ways to get into a DRIP: Buy a single share of your favorite company from a friend or investment club.
Most financial experts stick to their guns in advising that portfolios should always have some stock investment The beauty in this is that DRIPS are an inexpensive way to invest in solid, blue chip companies.
My friends chose the aesthetic drip while I got the anti-oxidant vitamin C drip to lessen my coughing caused by smoking cessation.
And this likelihood comes in the form of our new service called -you got it right - rainbow drip.
Direct Line Insurance says one tap drip a second equals 25 litres wasted a day.
Only one sound breaks the silence: a slow drip, drip, drip of water from the cave's ceiling.
They claim the drips boost energy, beat hangovers and cure colds.
Administered in clinics, these drips don't only improve your appearance.
In the world of email marketing, there's a concept called "drip email." No one's really sure who named the concept, but the idea has caught on: Drip messages on your prospects until it's a good time for them to buy.
A DRIP given to critically ill patients has been withdrawn from hospitals after it was linked to 250 unnecessary deaths in the UK.
The drips are used for treatment and prevention of low blood volume, a steep drop in blood pressure, as well as for maintenance of circulation during operations.