DRITDigital Realized Interpolation Technology
DRITDrug-Resistant Inhibition of Tumor Growth
DRITDiploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology (degree; India)
DRITDefense Retrieval and Indexing System
DRITDrug Resistance Indicator Test (cancer treatment test)
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DRIT and Berkowitz Trucking are not government entities or nonprofit organizations, so they would not meet the bylaw definition.
And we have seen the example of William of Auvergne's similar interpretation of David and Bathsheba.) Paul rejects the honors the world covets--true honors in the eyes of a Hebrew of the Hebrews--as "drit" (or dung) and, hence, rejects the wisdom of the world itself to pursue a new wisdom in Christ.
In addition, the CP-315t and CP-18t will project powerfully brilliant images every time with a number of technologically advanced features including DRIT (Digital Realized Interpolation Technology), Automatic Multi Scanning System, and HDTV compatibility.
(54.) "Dan die welt 1st und war die erste crearur, der mensch war die ander, die frau die drit. Also ist die welt die groBte, der mannen die nechste, der frauen die kleineste und hinderste." Paracelsus, 179.
Here it is necessary to keep in view the upward drit of unemployment in relatively good, as well as in bad, years.
The results of the original model of Basu (1997) reveal a positive and significant coefficient for variable drit [DR.sub.it] x [R.sub.it] (0.051), suggesting more timely recognition of bad news than good news for companies in general.
Though refrigerated reagent storage is required for dRIT, one of the main advantages of this newly developed test is the relative ease of interpretation using an ordinary light microscope.
In February 2006, Lembo et al (3) outlined and reported a preliminary study to compare the results of the direct rapid immunohistochemical test (DRIT) performed in the field in Tanzania, and the gold standard DFA performed at the CDC.
A direct rapid immunohistochemical test (dRIT) was evaluated under field and laboratory conditions to detect rabies virus antigen in frozen and glycerol-preserved field brain samples from northwestern Tanzania.
Drits, "Investigation of smectite hydration properties by modeling of X-ray diffraction profiles.