DRITDigital Realized Interpolation Technology
DRITDrug-Resistant Inhibition of Tumor Growth
DRITDiploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology (degree; India)
DRITDefense Retrieval and Indexing System
DRITDrug Resistance Indicator Test (cancer treatment test)
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Sheehan concluded that the proposed DRIT facility, which would be 300 to 400 feet from a residential subdivision, "would be offensive, injurious or noxious by reason of refuse, fumes and odors.
DRIT (Digital Realized Interpolation Technology): Offers excellent compression and creates a resolution "free" environment.
The standard operating procedure for the DRIT outlines the steps used during the procedure.
Given the results cited by Lembo et al (3) and the fact that this is a relatively simple and fast test requiring little infrastructure, VLE decided to deploy and utilize the DRIT to capture rabies data on animals not involved in human exposure cases.
Preparations were made to deploy the DRIT to selected US Army Veterinary Units in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Tsipursky SL, Drits VA (1984) The distribution of octahedral cations in the 2:1 layers of dioctahedral smectites studied by oblique-texture electron diffraction.
The system appears to make changes in dislocation structure and surface composition, according to RF Hochman, N Tselesin, and V Drits in the paper "Magnetic Fields: Fertile Ground for Metal Processing," published in Advanced Materials & Processes Inc, Metal Progress, August 1988, pg 36-41.
Bates is an assistant professor in the School of Education at Willamette University, Salem, Oregon; Dina Drits is a graduate student in the School of Education at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah; and Laurie A.
A detailed description of determinative methods of phyllosilicates and accompanying minerals can be found in several handbooks (Brindley, 1951; Vikulova and Zvyagin, 1958; Brown, 1961; Drits and Sakharov, 1976; Thorez, 1976; Carroll, 1979; Brindley and Brown, 1980; Reynolds, 1985; Wilson, 1987; Moore and Reynolds, 1989; Reynolds and Walker, 1993; Meunier, 2005; Bergaya et al.