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THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword was Mrs C McDougall, Oban YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS FADE PRUE LAB OVER HOLD ABE NEAR DANE CUT DRNO MANOR RACE POPS PAS COD SUSH I OSTLER FOSSIL STA I R SAO ELL HITS ETNA UTTER WASP ACT AXED ALTO DUEPINE IBIS DES STEN TART WEE THINKER Across: 1 Dole; 4 Craft; 7 Radar; 8 Addle; 9 Evoke; 10 Broadcloth; 14 Cleans; 16 Brandy; 17 Auctioneer; 22 Stair; 23 Sting; 25 Alert; 26 Rural; 27 Mean.