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DRODigital Readout
DRODispute Resolution Organization (various locations)
DRODynamic Range Optimizer (photography)
DRODisaster Response Operation (various locations)
DRODetention and Removal Operations (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
DRODigital Read Out
DRODynamic Range Optimizer
DRODocument Release Order
DROData Replication Option
DRODrag Racing Online (magazine)
DRODifferential Ring Oscillator (semiconductor technology)
DRODistant Retrograde Orbit (astronomy)
DRODisability Rights Office (US FCC)
DRODomestic Relations Order
DRODielectric Resonator Oscillator
DRODepartment of Radiation Oncology
DRODispute Resolution Officer
DRODeputy Returning Officer (Canadian elections)
DRODecision, Risk and Operations (Columbia)
DRODestructive Read Out
DRODifferential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors
DROData Request Output
DRODirect Readout
DRODiscos Radioactivos Organizados (Spanish record label)
DRODurango, CO, USA - Durango La Plata County Airport (Airport Code)
DRODays Revenue Outstanding (medical claims)
DRODining Room Orderly
DROData Readout
DRODisposal Release Order
DRODepartmental Record Officer (UK government)
DRODielectric Resonating Oscillator
DRODynamic Reconfiguration Option
DRODesign Requirements Overview
DRODepartment Repair Order
DRODetention & Removal Office (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
DRODuty Regional Officer
DRODeputy Rescue Officer
DRODrawing Requirement Outline
DRODaily Report Of Obligations
DRODiesel Range Organic(s) compound(s)
DRODisaster Relief Office
DRODelay Reduction Order (an Order entered early in litigation by Colorado state courts outlining deadlines)
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Debts, called qualifying debts, that can be included in a DRO include: | credit cards, overdrafts and loans; | arrears with rent, utility bills, telephone bills and council tax; | benefit overpayments.
After the announcement of the election schedule for PP-20, all candidates were told through a letter issued by the DRO on Nov 30 to abide by the code of conduct.
2007) observed more resurgence following treatment with DRO than with DRA with pigeons.
The FDA program is not a replacement for either the DRO review or traditional appeal process; instead it could become a third option to give veterans more choices and more flexibility.
In the year to April, DROs were granted to almost twice as many young women as men.
The integration project now provides FMS Fleet Central data seamlessly to DRO VMIS which uses the AssetWorks enterprise asset management application to manage the entire population of DRO assets.
To be considered for a DRO you need to owe less than pounds 15,000 in unsecured debts and have a maximum of pounds 50 a month of your income remaining after paying for living costs.
As with any debt solution, it is crucial that those entering a DRO comprehend all the options and implications.
It is crucial that those who enter a DRO understand all their options and know exactly what they are getting into.
According to the Tax Court, HHC did not make an unconditional promise to contribute additional capital to LCL, because the DRO required HHC to contribute additional, capital to LCL only if (1) HHC liquidated its interest in LCL and (2) had a deficit in its capital account at the time of liquidation.
By definition, DRO must be paired with some type of reinforcement of non-targeted behaviors.
With just a couple of connections to be made/ unmade the new B60 DRO can be readily transferred between the set of linear scales located on each machine thus keeping capital outlay to an absolute minimum.