DROLSDefense RDT&E(Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation) On-Line System (US DoD)
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The SIRSI Intelligent Interface to DROLS will be used to access this DTIC database, and COSATI records will be downloaded using Enhanced Researchers Access.
In fact, Grumman was the first defense contractor to access the DROLS (The Defense Research Development Test & Evaluation Online System) databank which has over 120 access points in the classified mode.
Other databanks accessed include Aerospace On-line, Commerce Business Daily, DRI, Budget Track, Dow Jones News/Retrieval, DROLS, Hazzard Line, Infoline, Lexis, NASA/RECON, National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC), Nexis, The U.S.
The "work in progress" file on DROLS is extremely handy to retrieve information from technical reports that haven't been published yet.
In terms of databank usage, Dialog is the most popular, followed by DROLS, with Nexis/Lexis in third place.