DRPMDual RF (Radio Frequency) Port Module
DRPMDirect Reporting Program Manager
DRPMDynamic Rotations Per Minute (Dynamic Speed Control for Power Management in Server Class Disks)
DRPMDevelopment Review Procedures Manual (Hillsborough County, FL)
DRPMDemand Reduction Program Manager
DRPMDelta Redhat Package Manager
DRPMDynamic Rough Prediction Model and Method
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The gratitude was sent to the Insentive Ristek program from Ministry of Technology Indonesia, (Year: 2010 - 2011), DRPM UI, FON UI, FGD team: Rita Sekarsari, Sigit Mulyono, Widyatuti, Made Riasmini, Purwadi, Shanty Citra E.
For more information contact DRPM NMCI Public Affairs at (703) 685-5527.
The PEOs and DRPMs are responsible for the development and acquisition of Naval systems.