DRPPDirection du Renseignement de la Préfecture de Police (French: Intelligence Directorate of the Prefecture of Police)
DRPPDutchess Regional Professional Photographers (New York)
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The transpiration rates of SRPP and DRPP showed similar trends to H2O conductance (Figure 3).
Non significant differences between DRPP and SRPP were observed in terms of Rd and LCP.
was observed in the maximum photochemical efficiency of irrigated and non-irrigated plants in DRPP.
Non significant differences were observed in the grain yield of DRPP under different water conditions.
The photosynthetic rate and the maximum photochemical efficiency of irrigated plants exhibited no differences between DRPP and SRPP.
DRPP were consistently higher than that of SRPP at the milk development and maturity stages.
Light response curves showed that the maximum photosynthetic rate of DRPP was significantly higher than that of SRPP under the same water condition.
However plants grown in DRPP exhibited higher capacity utilization at high light intensity.