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DRRDisaster Risk Reduction
DRRDeficit Round Robin
DRRDigital Railroad
DRRDrug Rehabilitation Requirement (UK)
DRRDirectorate of Rice Research (India)
DRRDeployment Readiness Review
DRRDesign Readiness Review
DRRDebt Reduction in Repayment (Canada)
DRRDistrict Rotaract Representative
DRRDynamic Rate Repartitioning
DRRDependent Relative Revocation (will or testament doctrine)
DRRDigital Radio Receiver (General Motors)
DRRDisneyland Railroad
DRRDeath Row Records (record label)
DRRDigital Reconstructed Radiograph (technique in radiotherapy imaging)
DRRDual Round Robin (arbitration scheme)
DRRDesign Requirements Review
DRRDigital Resale Rights
DRRData Review Record
DRRDesign Review Report
DRRDefense Requirements Review
DRRDrug Research Reports
DRRData Routing and Retrieval
DRRDefense Research Review
DRRDemonstration Readiness Review
DRRDough Rate of Reaction
DRRDislocated Worker Employment Retention
DRRDigital Receiver Replacement
DRRDaily Receiving Report
DRRDose Response Rate
DRRDocument Review Record
DRRDrawing Revision Record
DRRDomain Reference Requirements
DRRDoppler Range Resolver
DRRDraft Response/Reply
DRRDefect Removal Rate
DRRDepartment de Recherches Rizicoles (Department of Rice Research; Madagascar)
DRRDaily Revenue Report
DRRDesign Review Record
DRRDeath Row Racing (stock car retailer)
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In his exit interview a few years ago, Pama mentioned the need to look at DRR not only as a way of life but also as a philosophy of resilience for all Filipinos.
Both sides also agreed to organize an international conference on disaster management in Pakistan and further enhance cooperation in areas of DRR and gender mainstreaming, protecting child and vulnerable segments of society from negative impacts and hazards of disasters.
DRR can be understood as a fairly typical instance of global governance, whereby the international community has collectively agreed that a collective action problem exists--the vulnerability of individuals and states to the effects of natural hazards in an interdependent world--and it attempts to partially solve this problem through advocating good practices on disaster management and promoting risk awareness at the local, domestic, and international levels of interaction.
Generally, assessment studies of cancer or cancer mortality risk in humans associated with low radiation doses do not consider variability in the DBR and how this impacts conclusions about DRR and DOR, and it is possible, and perhaps likely, for invalid conclusions to be derived related to increased (or decreased) risk.
The current scheme provides DRR to 213 organisation totalling PS273,131 with the Council meeting annual costs of PS103,000 and the Welsh Government PS170,131.
The training gave the Afghan media an opportunity to learn more about the role of ANDMA, basic understanding of DRR and climate change in Afghanistan.
2006) identify DRR as one of the four ways of reduction of vulnerability to natural hazards.
The KTI DRR 10 and DRR 13 series of re-register diecutting products for smaller digital label printing presses allows printed webs to be finished quickly and economically.
Ideally, the DRR scheme does not incur additional overhead when all links on the network are bidirectional.
Lack of DRR measures could lead to significant loss and damage to human and materials and could hamper economic wealth of the society.
Recorder Ian Murphy QC adjourned sentencing so that Williamson can be assessed to see if he is suitable for a DRR.