DRSADominance-Based Rough Set Approach (rough set theory)
DRSADrifting Sand (meteorology)
DRSADeep River Science Academy (Canada)
DRSADigital Refrigeration System Analyzer
DRSADeutsches Rettungs Schwimmabzeichen
DRSADot Richardson Softball Association
DRSADarwaz Rehabilitation and Services Association
DRSADirusa Rattery (Bellingham,WA)
DRSADistrict Roller Skating Association
DRSADataroute Serving Area
DRSADurham Region Soccer Association, Inc. (Canada)
DRSADual Resonant Slot Antenna
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In DRSA, the granules of knowledge used for approximation are dominance cones that are defined as follows in objects that are dominating and dominated, respectively, with respect to P:
To evaluate the results using the sample of the reference examples, the DRSA apply the accuracy of approximation.
Given P [subset or equal to] C and x [member of] U, the "granules of knowledge" used in DRSA for approximation of the unions [Cl.
At this stage of the research, the proposed DSS makes use of simple software to receive the DRSA output.
2001), proposed in DRSA method to infer rules permitting to characterize knowledge assigned to classes Cl1 and Cl2.
The DRSA and the individual agreements provided that each claimant
will not disclose anything about the DRSA or her claim against Nextel to
to be true, and on the DRSA, which he had previously seen, (111) and
assumed that the DRSA prohibited the claimants from retaining counsel in
and the original retainer agreements the DRSA replaced.