DRTPDubost Réseaux Travaux Publics (French: Dubost Public Works Networks)
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Supporters of the DRTP project highlighted the fact that the project would almost completely separate international truck traffic from local city traffic, that it provided an alternative border route in the event of security problems at one of the existing crossings (which stands in contrast to the proposal to twin the Ambassador Bridge), and that it would be largely self-financing.
In December 2002, the Windsor Star (the major local newspaper) argued "that the DRTP proposal represented the best way to deal with the problems of congestion and tie-ups in a reasonable time-frame.
Opposition to the DRTP proposal came from a number of sources, but was primarily led by one community group: the South-West Windsor Ratepayers Corporation (SWWRC), which was formed by home owners in the communities most directly affected by the proposed DRTP route.
In addition to opposing the DRTP, the SWWRC also opposed the initial decisions taken by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario for short to medium term infrastructure projects to improve the Windsor-Detroit crossing.
Over 1300 South Windsor residents signed a letter to the city council calling for it to reject the DRTP proposal (Larkin 2005).
First, the council ultimately passed resolutions opposing the DRTP proposal and therefore supportive of the SWWRC (Battagello 2003a).
First, there are reasons to suggest that the municipal council was not fixed in its opposition to the DRTP proposal, nor to the use of the EC Row Expressway as an international truck route, prior to the formation of the SWWRC.
This is particularly the case given that powerful groups within Windsor and beyond supported both the DRTP proposal and the Gateway Plan.
In addition to industry support, representatives of trade union groups declared support for the DRTP proposal (see Borlik 2003).