DRTRDynamic Real-Time Rating (trademark of Blue Coat Systems, Inc.)
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Based on patented technology that can categorize new or unfamiliar Websites "on the fly" as they are being requested, the DRTR analysis enables the WebPulse service to return a categorization to a ProxySG appliance or other Blue Coat product.
Dynamic Real-Time Rating (DRTR) -- Blue Coat's patent-pending DRTR technology uses statistical analysis and artificial intelligence to rate new or previously unrated Web pages.
We define it with regard to the first drug abuse treatment DRTR so that Period 1 occurs before DRTR; Period 2 is the six-month period that begins with the first drug treatment; and Period 3 is the period after the DRTR period ends.
In the event that a user requests a URL that is not found in Cerberian's ratings database, Cerberian's DRTR technology takes over and services the request seamlessly to the user.