DRTSde.rec.tv.simpsons (German Simpsons newsgroup)
DRTSDigital Range Training System (US Army training range component)
DRTSDecreasing Returns to Scale
DRTSData Relay and Tracking Satellite
DRTSData Relay Tracking Satellite
DRTSData Relay and Tracking System
DRTSDepartment of Radio Technical Systems
DRTSDefense Regional Telecommunications System
DRTSDutch Reformed Translation Society
DRTSDetecting, Ranging & Tracking System
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In this subsection we introduce the communication protocol example to show how this DRTS can be modeled as a DECA and also we can consider the properties of the DRTS in DECTL.
Finally, we have showed that DECA (DECTL), RMECA (RMECTL) can been used to specify and RTS and DRTS.
During preparations the same day, the countdown was temporarily halted after the DRTS sent an abnormal signal, according to NASDA officials.
After liftoff and about 3,000 kilometers southeast of Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean, the H-2A released USERS into a circular orbit at an altitude of 454 km, while it put the DRTS into an elliptical orbit near the equator in the central Pacific.
Meanwhile, over a four-day period the DRTS will switch from an elliptical orbit to a stationary orbit at 36,000 km above the Indian Ocean.
M] if the technology exhibits DRTS and [Alpha] = [[Alpha].
For example, given x [element of] V(y, T), this corresponds to choosing [Alpha] to be large under DRTS and to be small under IRTS.
The DRTS is the joint work of Aston University and experts at Vauxhall Motors, who have been the driving force behind the Glow Power campaign, which has distributed over 750,000 reflective armbands to help keep children safer on the roads.
DRTS (Data Relay Test Satellite system) is a system being developed by Japan's NASDA to verify and demonstrate advanced data relay technologies in orbit.
According to NASDA, the DRTS is designed to improve existing satellites' data-relay functions and establish a communications link between the international space station, earth observation stations and the ground.
For posts under DRTS category candidates will be required to apply through Online mode only, whereas for posts like Technician A Security Asst A , clerk (Canteen Manager) Vehicle Operator A , Fire Engine Driver A and Asst Cook, candidates have the option to apply online as well as offline mode.
This volume provides an overview of various systematic approaches to the testing and debugging of DRTSs - tasks that typically consume 50 to 70 per cent of a new system's development costs.