DRTVDirect Response Television (media)
DRTVDeutscher Rollstuhl Tennis Verband eV (German: German Wheelchair Tennis Association)
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About Kevin Harrington: As the inventor of the infomercial, founder of As Seen on TV, and one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington has worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities and launched some of the best-selling DRTV campaigns in history.
Additional elements of Food for the Poor DRTV spots include appearances by Cheryl Ladd, a Christian celebrity of "Charlie's Angels" fame who resonates with the giving generation, donor testimonials, and a few words from Aloma as a representative of the organization.
DRTV distributors also entered into joint ventures with mid-level retailers.
However, he says, unlike traditional television advertising, DRTV ads direct viewers to a toll-free number and branded Web sites for additional information and an electronic $5 discount coupon.
and EU DRTV operations, there are striking differences.
DRTV ads can now be seen on an increasing number of channels.
Still, the survey found, those who do watch DRTV spots and who subsequently purchase the products featured in these on air ads are an audience that vendors want to reach.
Erichsen spent 10 years as a producer at DRTV before leaving the network to found and run the European Film College in Copenhagen.
The allure of DRTV lies in that it provides an extremely cost-effective and measurable way to reach a highly targeted audience.
DRTV had been involved in the first eight Dogma-certified titles, including von Trier's "The Idiots," Thomas Vinterberg's "The Celebration" and Soren Kragh-Jacobsen's "Mifune.
Britvic has already used DRTV the wild and wacky way for Tango.