DRVDirection de la Recherche et de la Valorisation (French: Department of Research and Valorisation)
DRVDemocratic Republic of Vietnam
DRVDarunavir (pharmaceutical drug-HIV treatment)
DRVDevice Driver (file name extension)
DRVDouay-Rheims Version (religious text)
DRVData Retention Voltage
DRVDouble Regulating Valve
DRVDietary Reference Value (nutrition)
DRVDriver File
DRVDevice Driver
DRVDaily Reference Value
DRVDiyala River Valley (Iraq)
DRVDirection des Ressources Vivantes (French: Direction of Living Resources, fisheries)
DRVDébit de Réfrigérant Variable (French: Variable Refrigerant Flow)
DRVDépartement Ressources Vivantes (French: Living Resources Department; research)
DRVDeutscher Raiffeisen Verband
DRVData Recovery Vehicle
DRVInstrument Driver Application Programming Interface
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First, although the observational nature of this study precludes some conclusive results, our study included all consecutive HIV-infected adults who received at least one pill of DRV and the analysis of virologic efficacy considered non-completers as failures.
We performed two multivariable Poisson models assessing factors related to the presence of more DRV mutations: I) a clinical model, including clinical variables only; and II) a genotyping-based model, including clinical variables and the variable "total number of PI resistance mutations".
Although adult and some paediatric formulations of DRV, RAL and ETR are registered in SA, these are often inappropriate for young children, in whom doses must be adjusted for age and weight changes.
Mediterranean countries remain the top holiday destinations for Germans," declared DRV president Norbert Fiebig.
In that narrative, the August Revolution and the DRV were the products of shrewd judgement and timely decisions on the part of Ho and other ICP leaders.
D'apres Norbert Fiebig, president de la DRV, "dans l'ensemble, les reservations des touristes allemands pour l'ete 2016 ont baisse d'une unite de pourcentage en raison des resultats qualifies "non satisfaisants" sur ces marches".
12] The drug has been tested clinically in South Africa (SA) and found to be safe and effective in PI-experienced paediatric participants[13,14] DRV has since been registered for paediatric use in SA in children aged [greater than or equal to] 3 years,[14] but is available only in the private sector and at the discretion of the paediatric third-line committee in the public sector.
This move was strongly resisted by the Vietnamese people and consequently the Ho Chi Minh Government got the French Authorities to sign a preliminary agreement on March 6, 1946, under which France recognized the DRV as a free State and gained the withdrawal of Chiang Kai-shek's troops which had occupied the country's North.