DRVNDemocratic Republic of Viet Nam (North Vietnam)
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"In order to meet the highest demand of traffic drivers and toll collection service users, deploying integrated solution for the three existing formats including DSRC active, DSRC passive and RFID plays an important role" DRVN said.
In Julie 1967het Celn besoek fgele by die filosoof Mrtin Heidegger met die versugting dt Heidegger 'n bekentenis sou doen oor sy betrokkenheid by Nzisme en sy verswyging drvn. Celn se hoop blyk uit die reels "einer Hoffnung, heute // uf eines Denkenden // kommendes // Wort // im Herzen".
Chapters Two and Three consider subsequent DRVN representations of Ton's involvement in the mutiny in the revolutionary and post-recognition moments respectively.
The call for a selective stance towards the cultural legacy set the tone for the cultural policy during the phase of consolidation of the DRVN. The foundation of the Ministry of Culture in 1955 provided the institutional framework for the realization of the party's vision of a new culture.