DRVSDiabetic Retinopathy Vitrectomy Study
DRVSDoppler Radar Velocity Sensor
DRVSDigital, Reformatting and Vendor Services (Yale University)
DRVSDigital Referenced Video Survey (road surveying)
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On January 24, 1964, the United States established Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group (SOG) under the Commander of the United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, charged with carrying out covert and clandestine activities against the DRV. Under the charter of OPLAN--34A, MACSOG executed four types of unconventional missions against the DRV under the Footboy program.
Abbreviations AI: Adequate Intake BT: Black tea CPF: Chlorpyrifos DRVs: Dietary reference values EU: European Union EFSA: European Food Safety Authority F: Fluoride GT: Green tea NRC: National Research Council NZ: New Zealand RoI: Republic of Ireland RME: Reasonable maximum exposure SCHER: Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks TISAB: Total ionic strength adjustment buffer UK: United Kingdom UL: Tolerable Upper Intake Level USA: United States of America WHO: World Health Organization.
Overall, these results show an improvement from diabetic retinopathy vitrectomy study (DRVS) where 25% achieved final BCVA [?] 0.3 Log MAR after PPV for vitreous hemorrhage.
Control (n=16) CDH (n = 16) RVAW (mm) 0.670 [+ or -] 0.178 0.663 [+ or -] 0.152 LVEF (%) 42.82 [+ or -] 11.25 45.19 [+ or -] 7.59 DRVS (mm) 2.914 [+ or -] 0.464 3.331 [+ or -] 0.400 * LV/RV ratio 1.208 [+ or -] 0.325 0.920 [+ or -] 0.210 * Data are reported as means [+ or -] SD.
Although DRVs are given as daily intakes, people often eat quite different foods from one day to the next, and their appetite can change so, in practice, the intakes of energy and nutrients need to be averaged over several days.
There will be no reference to DRVs or RDIs on the new nutrition label.
Each line that connects the daily required values (DRVs) for two nutrients produces a local emergent feature: orientation.
Since DRVs are not yet in place for all nutrients, FDA wonders whether such holes on the label would confuse or bother consumers.