DRZDiagonal Radioactive Zone
DRZDePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc. (asset management company)
DRZDisturbed Rock Zone
DRZDeutsche Rechts Zeitschrift (German: German Law Journal)
DRZDeep Reconnaissance Zone
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Director, DRZ (North) stressed upon the need for educating people at village-level about the importance of saving water, showing them effective ways and techniques and how they can play a leading role in taking the initiatives forward.
The present study was planned with objective to chemically modify chitosan and to develop nanoparticulate system from chitosan and modified chitosan capable of delivering the DRZ in a sustained manner.
DRZ was received as a gift sample from FDC Ltd, (Mumbai, India).
For the preparation of drug-loaded NPs, DRZ was added in the polymer solution.
Entrapment efficiency of DRZ loaded NPs was determined according to the previously reported method [20].
Entrapment efficiency = [Total amount of DRZ loaded - Free DRZ in supernatant]/ Total amount of DRZ loaded = x 100.
The in vitro drug release profiles of optimized, lyophilized, and sterilized DRZ loaded NPs were determined in 50 mL simulated tear fluid, pH 7.4 (STF) using dialysis bags (Himedia Laboratories, India) at 37[degrees]C under magnetic stirring.
Another item up for grabs at the auction is the futuristic Suzuki DRZ 400 SM prototype motorbike used in the film Terminator Salvation: the Future Begins, starring Christian Bale.
The new machine is now named DRZ 400/2, representing a swing of 400 mm and use of two disks.