DS-TEDifferentiated Services-Traffic Engineering (Cisco)
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The fall leading-edge code testing focused primarily on testing the features that would help Carriers and Service Providers enhance their MPLS-enabled networks using DS-TE and increase availability of their existing network infrastructure.
As the current IETF DS-TE draft does not define the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)-TE code points, and they are yet to be specified by IANA, interim codes were defined in the test plans developed jointly by Isocore Internetworking Lab members.
Combined with Cisco's new Quality of Service (QoS) DiffServ support (see related news announcement today -- "Cisco Announces Complete DiffServ Solution for End-to-End QoS") and existing MPLS TE capabilities, which have been available in Cisco IOS software since June 1999, DS-TE enables service providers to offer highly available, high throughput applications with strong QoS guarantees.