DS-UWBDirect Sequence Ultra-Wideband
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A code-aided interference suppression method was introduced for narrow band interference restriction in DS-UWB systems [15].
In Section 2, the DS-UWB system models are introduced.
In section 2, we describe the general structure of the MIMO DS-UWB system model, while the focuses of section 3 are divided into three parts: the theoretical analysis of the MMSE performance MIC DFE-EFF, the illumination of COA and the presentation of DA.
We consider a K users model for a synchronous MIMO DS-UWB communication system with [M.
In this paper, we discuss the DS-UWB multiple access scheme that combines both direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) and UWB techniques [9].
The Bluetooth SIG did not actually have much of a choice, given CSR's prior development efforts with MB-OFDM as well as the technical limitations becoming apparent with the current versions of the Freescale DS-UWB chips.
Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor are among DS-UWB supporters, as this technology is targeted primarily at multimedia and handheld devices.
Achieving up to 110 Mbps, the file transfer happens almost instantaneously with Freescale's XS110 DS-UWB radio operating under the Bluetooth software stacks.
The demonstration is based on Freescale's DS-UWB radio chipset, the XS110, which is FCC-approved and commercially available.
Relative to the original rules, under this waiver Freescale's DS-UWB approach may be re-certified to achieve up to 30x greater data rate across a network, or deliver a video stream using up to 30x lower power from the battery, or deliver the same data rate across the network but at double the distance and with greater robustness.
In return, Freescale's commercial DS-UWB solutions can take advantage of the strong ecosystem created by the 250 million consumers that use Bluetooth wireless technology in a variety of mobile applications today.