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DS1Digital Signal 1 (24 voice channels; 1.544 Mbps)
DS1Deep Space One
DS1Data Systems Technician First Class (US Navy Rating)
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DS1 samples were scored for 8 GBL: glucose phosphate isomerase (GPI, GPI*, EC, phosphoglucomutase (PGM, PGM-1*, EC, mannose phosphate isomerase (MPI, MPI*, EC, leucine aminopeptidase (LAP, LAP*, EC, alanine aminopeptidase (AAP, AAP*, EC, octopine dehydrogenase (ONDH, ONDH*, EC, and aspartate aminotransferase (AAT, AAT-1* and AAT-2*, EC
Three repeats of DS0, DS1, DS2, and DS4 were individually performed for Illumina sequencing.
(1) When [rho] = [[rho].sup.V.sub.low_I] ([[rho].sup.V.sub.low_I] = 0.01), as shown in Figure 6(a), because of the smaller density and the bigger gap [d.sub.succ](k, t) between the vehicle and the succeeding vehicle in the neighboring lane, when the driver sees the abandoned object, the safety conditions for lane changing will be more easily satisfied, and in this case the vehicle will be able to change a lane earlier, and the probability of DS1 is smaller.
Kaip ir mineta, bandiniai buvo suskaidyti i dvi grupes pagal mikrouPpilda: vieni su maltu kvarciniu smeliu (nelyginiai bandiniu kodai: DS1, DS3, DS5, DS7, DS9 ir DS11), kiti su silicio dulkemis (lyginiai bandiniu kodai: DS2, DS4, DS6, DS8, DS10, DS12).
In the paper, half of the images in each category of the dataset DS1 are fixed for training and the rest for testing.
According to the geological background of the study area and conceptual model [15], the instantaneous heat flow history model and the EASY% Ro mature history model are used to simulate the thermal evolution history of well DS1. The equivalent reflectivity of bitumen and inclusions was used to calibrate modeling results in this study [38, 39].
A statistically significant decay between DS0 and DS1 was observed for Freq.
Figure 3 shows the CNRs of the three channels for DS1 and DS2.
Table-4 and 5 shows experimentally observed values of adsorption enthalpy, DHa, the molar sorption enthalpy, DH s, molar sorption free energy, DG1 , and molar sorption entropy, DS1 , respectively for PCPhDMA-co-St and PCPhDMA-co-AN polymer- probe systems.
AHA Products Group has released DuroStream DS1 WAN Optimization appliance.
If you do not see a new drive, or the LED light (DS1 on the Arduino expansion board) is occasionally turning on and off, check the connection of your power supply.