DS12Deep Space 12 (game)
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Participants DS4, DS7, DS12, and DS18 shared that the vendor has implemented the following processes (a) audit system to check all approved claims for efficiency, (b) collaboration meetings to discuss and set up quarterly targets to meet client goals, and (c) open communication between the vendor and client to address hold errors.
In cases where the team does not meet goals, participants DS2, DS7, DS12, DS15, and DS19 expressed that the vendor does not support team members in fear of losing the client's business.
Participant DS12 stated, "There is no leadership at HHM, their "management" only knows to follow orders and hope for good results." In cases where the vendor wants to implement strategies, they have to obtain permission from the client.
Participant DS12 stated, "the assessment and measurement comes from client company and a comparison occurs against other processors." Manager at the client company provide assessment criteria's that they require without consulting the vendor.
Participant DS6 and DS12 stated, "they use spreadsheets containing data provided from an internal program utilized to process claims, however, there were no individual goals set." The respondents provided that the vendor supervisor is responsible in evaluating each team member's performance.
Participant DS12 stated, "Processors working under short-term contracts will be terminated.
Butina atkreipti demesi, kad daugumos bandiniu (pvz., DS3, DS7, DS11) gniuPdomasis stipris po 7 paru ir 28 paru buvo beveik vienodas, o kai kuriais atvejais netgi didesnis (pvz., DS5, DS10, DS12).
Kaip ir mineta, bandiniai buvo suskaidyti i dvi grupes pagal mikrouPpilda: vieni su maltu kvarciniu smeliu (nelyginiai bandiniu kodai: DS1, DS3, DS5, DS7, DS9 ir DS11), kiti su silicio dulkemis (lyginiai bandiniu kodai: DS2, DS4, DS6, DS8, DS10, DS12).
Atlikus kraUtutiniu bandiniu (DS1, DS2, DS11 ir DS12) Ualcio atsparumo bandymus, nustatyta, kad po 100 Ualdymo ciklu bandiniu gniuPdomasis stipris be lengvojo uPpildo ir su lengvuoju uPpildu padidejo, todel bandiniai iUlaike 100 Ualdymo ciklu bandyma.
Elektroniniu mikroskopu gauti vaizdai: a) 50 kartu priartintas DS12 bandinys; b) 3000 kartu priartintas DS8 bandinys Fig.
CEM I 52.5R Si[O.sub.2] smelis 1 DS1 -- 95 2 DS2 95 -- 3 DS3 -- 95 4 DS4 95 -- 5 DS5 -- 95 6 DS6 845 95 -- 7 DS7 -- 95 8 DS8 95 -- 9 DS9 -- 95 10 DS10 95 -- 11 DS11 -- 95 12 DS12 95 -- Sudetis, kg/[m.sup.3] Eil.