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DS2Dark Souls 2 (gaming)
DS2Dead Space 2 (gaming)
DS2Dualshock 2 (gamepads)
DS2Dungeon Siege 2 (video game)
DS2Design of Systems on Silicon
DS2Defense Support Services (Lockheed Martin/Day Zimmermann)
DS2Deca Sports 2 (game)
DS2Digital Signal 2 - (6.54 Mbps Pipe)
DS2Decontamination Solution Number Two
DS2Data Systems Technician Second Class (US Navy Rating)
DS2Second Version of the Duman-Salehi Bound
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Next, we exhaustively analyzed all of the false positives in Camelyon16 and DS2 by using a threshold that resulted in no slide-level false negatives.
The factors shared by participants DS2, DS5, DS8, DS11, and DS17 that would promote future success were (a) creation and maintenance of positive business working relationship between the vendor and client, (b) practicing and encouraging diversity within both organizations, and (c) effective communication in a professional manner among teams, managers, and the client.
Still, the evaluation of correspondence (see below in the paragraph) of GBL-based classification with the results of DNA-based classification showed a low accordance in the case of DS2 (see details and possible explanations in the "Results" and "Discussion" sections, respectively).
Sample Total reads (M) Total base (GB) GC percent (%) CK1 9.83 1.99 44.20 CK2 11.30 2.28 44.30 DS1 11.66 2.35 44.22 DS2 11.31 2.29 44.18 Total 44.10 8.91 Sample Q30 percent (%) Mapped reads (%) Uniquely mapped reads (%) CK1 90.03 8.61 (87.61%) 7.08 (82.21%) CK2 90.06 9.94 (87.94%) 8.18 (82.33%) DS1 90.07 10.25 (87.96%) 8.41 (82.03%) DS2 90.01 9.92 (87.65%) 8.08 (81.51%) Total Table 2: List of pathways significantly enriched in DEGs (P < 0.05).
Atlikus kraUtutiniu bandiniu (DS1, DS2, DS11 ir DS12) Ualcio atsparumo bandymus, nustatyta, kad po 100 Ualdymo ciklu bandiniu gniuPdomasis stipris be lengvojo uPpildo ir su lengvuoju uPpildu padidejo, todel bandiniai iUlaike 100 Ualdymo ciklu bandyma.
Users should note that the SkyRaider DS2.3 Plus does not include infrared blocking on the CMOS detector, so an additional IR-blocking filter (not included) needs to be placed in front of the chip to ensure the best color fidelity in your images.
The increased bandwidth supports additional users and faster data transfer, and the Skyus DS2 retains the reliability and versatility of the Skyus line.
Okuma will examine the possibility of future developments for this production model at its other production sites in addition to DS2. Also, Okuma will provide the know-how acquired through this demonstration experiment and its high value added machine as a "manufacturing service" solution to manufacturers.
For any PPT adversary A with at most [q.sub.key] = [q.sub.key]([lambda]) key generation queries, [q.sub.Enc] = [q.sub.Enc]([lambda]) encryption queries, and running time [??], there exists an algorithm [B.sub.2] on DS2 with running time [t.sub.2] [approximately equal to] [??] + O(n[[lambda].sup.c]([q.sub.key] + [q.sub.Enc])), for some constant c [member of] N, such that
2 was not detected in DS2, but, in the succeeding states of damage (DS3 and DS4), a frequency increment was observed.
In the case of data sets, it is clear from the table that DS2 gives the worst forecasts results for all the regressions models including proposed HLGSA method.
To avoid confusion, the collected data under the two fixed low grazing angles are referred to as dataset 1 (DS1) and dataset 2 (DS2), respectively.