DS9Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)
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Participants DS2, DS5, DS9, and DS17 confirmed that the client takes into consideration the logged phone calls to service centers during the measurement period.
Episodes are explored within the context of the entire DS9 series arc, 90's tv, Star Trek, and also where the show stands in comparison to the television of today.
CEM I 52.5R Si[O.sub.2] smelis 1 DS1 -- 95 2 DS2 95 -- 3 DS3 -- 95 4 DS4 95 -- 5 DS5 -- 95 6 DS6 845 95 -- 7 DS7 -- 95 8 DS8 95 -- 9 DS9 -- 95 10 DS10 95 -- 11 DS11 -- 95 12 DS12 95 -- Sudetis, kg/[m.sup.3] Eil.
In as much as language itself constitutes one point of conflict, DS9 also explores the relationship between spoken and written communication.
While he didn't pick out a particular favorite "Star Trek: TNG'' or "Star Trek: DS9'' episode, Gowron said he loved working with Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks.
I reckon that if Citroen built a DS9 that was as beautiful as this show car then perhaps the jinx on big French saloons might finally be dispatched.
Compound X Y Z ID DS1 Cl Cl Cl DS2 Cl Cl OC[H.sub.3] DS3 Cl OC[H.sub.3] OC[H.sub.3] DS4 F Cl Cl DS5 F Cl OC[H.sub.3] DS6 F OC[H.sub.3] OC[H.sub.3] DS7 N[O.sub.2] Cl Cl DS8 N[O.sub.2] Cl OC[H.sub.3] DS9 N[O.sub.2] OC[H.sub.3] OC[H.sub.3] DS10 OC[H.sub.3] Cl Cl DS11 OC[H.sub.3] Cl OC[H.sub.3] DS12 OC[H.sub.3] OC[H.sub.3] OC[H.sub.3] Compound Melting Yield ID point (%) ([degrees]C) DS1 195 72 DS2 221 65 DS3 172 81 DS4 188 49 DS5 170 53 DS6 216 52 DS7 160 72 DS8 196 74 DS9 215 61 DS10 224 53 DS11 210 59 DS12 188 67
Fans took to cyberspace to vent their frustration at the situation once they realised that KCOP and KBHK were airing DS9 reruns last week.
Spelling said the per-episode budget is about $1.5 million for TNG and close to $2 million for DS9.
In retirement he remarried briefly and, though a practiced curmudgeon, went on enjoying the good things in life, including dogs (especially his chow-chow Kyla); strong coffee; Star Trek (all of them, except maybe DS9) ; mystery books; moccasins; Emily Dickinson; the Red Sox; British history; photography; the Metaphysical Poets; music; single malt scotch; tobacco; the ocean on the Lower Cape; fried crustaceans; and his daughters.