DSARCDefense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSARCDefence and Security Applications Research Centre (University of New South Wales; Australia)
DSARCDeployable Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (South Korea)
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* and "report at Milestone III to the DSARC and directly to me his independent recommendation."
Importantly, Packard also ensured the Deputy Director for T&E provided his independent assessment at the DSARC. However, independence came to be another issue entirely, and the T&E organization Packard put in place would not endure.
It is likely some of the UVAs will be lieutenants (LTs) or captains (CPTs) and so commanders should first look to appoint a major (MAJ) or above to hold the DSARC position.
The servicing JA should remind their commander that they should not wait until they receive orders to deploy to select a DSARC. Every brigade, brigade combat team (BCT), and higher should have a DSARC, trained and ready to assume the duties of the SARC if, and when, the unit deploys.
The DSARC will likely not have extensive exposure to the SAPR program while in garrison and the BJA or SJA can be a distinct asset to them.
While they can serve as a combat multiplier and conduct this training themselves, the DSARC is the most appropriate individual to serve as the instructor.
The plan was approved by the DSARC in December 1973 because it mitigated the concerns that led the Services to veto the previous plan.
DOD was facing declining budgets and had established the DSARC process to work through disputes such as this, but the process was not going to enable transformation.
At the August DSARC, Currie directed Parkinson to create a truly joint program to achieve that final solution.
Though there is potential for bureaucratic hocus-pocus in any organizational scheme, at least now there are two officials high in the procurement "loop' whose assignment is to speak for national objectives: in the DSARC system, no one had that warrant.
The report called for abolishing DSARCs (thePentagon's Defense Systems Acquisition Review Councils).
The evident flaw in this process is that at nopoint did DSARCs weigh alternatives to the proposals before them, or consider what mix of forces is best given needs, threats, and budget realities.