DSBBDissemination Standards Bulletin Board
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(61) Information on the use of hedonics was obtained primarily from the International Monetary Fund's dissemination standards bulletin board, on the Internet at dsbb.imf.org/Applications/web/sddshome (visited Aug.
Countries that subscribe to the standard and that intend to avail themselves of the transition period to take any necessary steps to bring their statistical system into conformity with the standard will be expected to present their plans to achieve this objective on the DSBB.
While it can be expected that data users accessing the DSBB would at an early stage detect any divergences in a country's observance of the standard and would make known their concerns directly with official data producers in the country concerned, the IMF would also need to maintain oversight of the record of observance.
The removal of a subscribing country's metadata from the DSBB, which would provide a public indication that a country was not in observance of its commitment, would be decided by the IMF Executive Board.
An issue of high priority for data users in the financial markets was the possible establishment of direct links between the DSBB and the metadata it presents on countries' data dissemination practices and the underlying country data themselves.
The second of these reviews, in late 1998, will also enable a decision to be made on the detailed procedures to be followed for the removal of a country from the DSBB in the event that it fails to observe its commitments under the SDDS after the transition period.
The DSBB was created by the IMF in 1996 to provide information gathered as part of its Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).
The IMF DSBB site provides "meta data," i.e., information about the data and dissemination practices of each subscriber country.
The DSBB provides direct links to sixteen country sites where you will find standard tables containing those series required under the SDDS.
There are a number of ways to find country web sites when the DSBB has not provided a direct link.