DSBGDaniel Stowe Botanical Garden (Belmont, NC)
DSBGDeutsche See-Bestattungs-Genossenschaft eG (German sea burial company)
DSBGDead Sea Bromine Group (Israel)
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Although DSBG has been shown to be effective at selectively targeting swordfish within the SCB (Sepulveda et al., 2014), questions concerning economic viability and cooperative interest remain untested.
The DSBG design used in this study has been described previously in Sepulveda et al.
We focused the analysis on the mean CIMT measurements obtained using the NATIVE clips from DSBG. More details about CIMT measurements are given in "Additional methodological details, CIMT measurements" in the Supplemental Material.
The sensitivity analysis comparing the effect estimates using CIMT measurements from dynamic and static reading methods revealed almost no differences in effect estimates between NATIVE clips and stills from DSBG (see Figure S2).
* DSBG cylinders come standard with an elastomer bumper or an adjustable air cushion for noise reduction and, with the air cushion, higher energy absorption than the previous line.
* The higher load bearing capacity of the DSBG improves protection against overpressure and ensures easier handling and operating efficiency.
The DSBG series supports TR-069 automatic configuration and provisioning along with value-added services such as web content filtering, e-mail filtering, anti-virus and video surveillance, which are available on-demand via a web-based service delivery portal.
The Discus DSBG Series features a mix of FXS and ISDN BRI voice interfaces and advance data services and is intended to help meet the needs of the currently underserved SOHO/small business customers.
To design DSBG, validate target-species (swordfish) depth and concurrently tailor gangion depth, Wildlife Computers (Redmond, Wash.
FR-6120 melamine cyanurate is DSBG's newest flame retardant.
The firm has exclusive marketing responsibility in North America for flame retardants of the Dead Sea Bromine Group (DSBG), of which it is a wholly owned subsidiary.