DSCQSDouble Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale
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(iii) DSCQS method: this is also a type of cyclic method in which the subject is asked to view a pair of video sequences consecutively, with both of them being from the same source, but one being the original reference sequence and the other one the distorted version of the same source.
DSCQS method requires the evaluation of two test videos.
The main methods used for the subjective assessment of the IPTV Quality of Experience are: Mean Opinion Score (MOS)--the user's perception of the service quality is expressed in a scale from 1 (very low quality) to 5 (high quality) values [5]; Single Stimulus Continuous Quality Evaluation (SSCQE) [6]; Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale (DSCQS) [6].
In order to compare several QAM, first a subjective test must be done, for example, a Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale (DSCQS) method as suggested and explained in [6], in order to get the subjective quality assessment of a set of images or sequences.