DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DSCSData Stream Conversion Services
DSCSDeep Sea Coral and Sponge
DSCSDepartment of Soil and Crop Sciences (Colorado State University)
DSCSDolores Street Community Services (San Francisco, CA)
DSCSDesk Side Computer System
DSCSDepartment of State Courier Service (US)
DSCSData Sharing Control System
DSCSData Systems (Technician) Senior Chief (Petty Officer) (US Navy Rating)
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DSCs will only be allowed to take up non-emergency cases.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 24, 2017-Sonus announces selection by Korea Telecom of its Diameter Signalling Controller (DSC)
TABLE 1: Property of DSCs. Sample type Dye color Ti[O.sub.2] thickness N719 1T Red 7 [micro]m N719 2T Red 9 [micro]m N719 3T Red 11 [micro]m N749 1T Green 7 [micro]m N749 2T Green 9 [micro]m N749 3T Green 11 [micro]m TABLE 2: Electricalperformance of DSCs.
2 producer of DSCs with market share of 42%, with further expansion to benefit the entire supply-chain on the island.
ADNS Inc IIA ships, like the Enterprise and other aircraft carriers and amphibious warfare ships (LHA/LHD), similarly equipped with super high frequency (SHF) satellite communications AN/WSC-6(V)5, or (V)7 terminals capable of supporting dual DSCS data paths, have experienced bandwidth limitations resulting from the inability of the systems to dynamically load balance or dynamically allocate bandwidth.
* Seamless migration between the company's 16-bit micro-controllers and digital signal processing-enabled DSCs, providing a path to quickly respond to requirement changes and offering the scalability to serve many applications.
The library is designed for dsPIC DSCs with a minimum of 33 Kbytes of Flash and 4 Kbytes of RAM, along with an integrated codec interface.
In addition to low cost and high performance thermal analyzers, the company makes Micro DSCs and a portable thermal analyzer.
The new Sieta-1 DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) from Seiko offers hybrid operation by combining sample, reference, and heat sink for three independent heaters, each digitally controlled at a high speed, reports ThermoHaake, supplier of the instrument.
The most widely used thermal-analysis technique for q-c applications is differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the world's largest contract manufacturers of DSCs in 2008 and 2009, respectively.