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DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method, Ltd (RAD method)
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
DSDMDrop Site Database Manager
DSDMDesarrollo de Software Dirigido por Modelos
DSDMDigital Sigma-Delta Modulator (electrical engineering)
DSDMDynamic Software Development Method
DSDMDDE Share Database Manager
DSDMDynamic Systems Design Method (software)
DSDMDistributed Systems Development Method
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The focus was on the six agile methods; XP, Scrum, Crystal, DSDM, FDD, and Lean software development.
Under the same initial conditions, the simulation results obtained using the DSDM are considerably different from those of the OVM.
DSDM does not handle the engineering of average and complex projects.
Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, and Dr Amer Sharif, Managing Director of Education at DHCC, signed the MoU at DSDM's headquarters.
The Dubai School of Dental Medicine (DSDM) is set to welcome its first batch of students in January 2013, Gulf News has learnt.
A partir do inncio da decada de 1990, surgiram novas metodologias como Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Crystal Methods, Feature-Driven Development (FDD), Lean Development (LD), Extreme Programming (XP) e Adaptative Software Development (HIGHSMITH, 2002), todas baseadas no "Modelo Incremental" de desenvolvimento, cuja abordagem difere do "Modelo em Cascata" por definir que as atividades do processo de software sejam realizadas em paralelo e em pequenos ciclos de desenvolvimento (iteracoes).
It would be of interest to invest other agile software methods such as Extreme Programming or DSDM.
d) Danger Signal Detection Module (DSDM): This is the most important module in this model.
Designed to be methodology agnostic, SpiraPlan supports Scrum, Extreme Programming, DSDM, Agile United Process and other agile/hybrid methodologies.
Mr Davies recently completed Agile DSDM Atern project management training, which concentrates on achieving strategic goals and controlling cost, risk and quality.
For example, during the 1st year of the experiment, the Dutch team acting as subcontractor used most of the time to build an incomplete version of the system, because they were used to the DSDM method, that doesn't require building a complete product in the first iteration.