DSDPDeep-Sea Drilling Project
DSDPDevice Software Development Platform (open source; Eclipse Foundation)
DSDPDual Scan Document Processor (various companies)
DSDPDivision du Second Degré et des Partenariats (French: Division of the Second Degree and Partnerships)
DSDPDeflect, Segment and Drop Policy (IEEE)
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(1991b): Impact-wave effects at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in Gulf of Mexico DSDP cores: XXII Lunar and Planetary Conference, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston: 17-18.
Bogdanov has been chairman of the Russian Committee on the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) and then the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) since 1980.
Early DSDP co-chief scientists became American Princes of Serendip, accidentally discovering evidence that did not fit with existing models of earth processes, that instead brought new insights.
Two DSDP legs, 61 and 89, were dedicated to finding the oldest crust and sediment in the Pacific before these elusive rocks were finally found.
Data from the older DSDP and ODP legs combined with more recent evidence suggest a middle-to-late Miocene onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciations, first in the form of small glaciers and intermittent sea-ice covers.
This vigorous flow was first discovered in 1979 as the hole was being re-entered during DSDP Leg 70.
DSDP investigations demonstrated that oceanic plate sediments progressively adhere to the leading edge of the overriding continental plate, forming an "accretionary prism." Drilling results also show that sediments from the descending plate are underplated onto the overriding plate, apparently thickening and lifting the prism.
He commended the efficient manner the GMD handled his duties as Group General Manager, Crude Oil Marketing Division, with particular reference to the DSDP initiative that brought significant value to the corporation.
'Technical developments such as GLORIA, the invitation of UK researchers to engage with the unique opportunities of scientific ocean drilling through the US-led DSDP, to the vision to co-locate government scientists on the Southampton waterfront together with the vibrancy of a major University research department are testament to Sir Anthony's leadership and foresight.'
Traders said the call for cargoes went only to the companies holding the swap contracts, dubbed direct sale, direct purchase agreements (DSDP).
Kennett et al., "Paleotempera-ture history of the Cenozoic and the initiation of Antarctic glaciation: oxygen and carbon isotope analyses in DSDP sites 277 279 and 281," in Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 29, J.
Brosse, Mineral Geochemistry Of Black Shales From The Mid-Cretaceous Of The North-Atlantic, Dsdp Site-386 And Site-391, Revue De L Institut Francais Du Petrole, 38, 299 (1983).