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DSDSDeutschland Sucht Den Superstar (German TV show)
DSDSDirection de la Santé et du Développement Social (French: Directorate of Health and Social Development)
DSDSDirection des Statistiques Démographiques et Sociales (French: Directorate of Demographic and Social Statistics)
DSDSDisjoint-Set Data Structure
DSDSData Storage and Distribution System
DSDSDelaware State Dental Society
DSDSDefense Standard Disbursing System
DSDSDataphone Switched Digital Service
DSDSDual SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Dual Standby (mobile phones)
DSDSData Systems Dynamic Simulator
DSDSDistressed Submarine Depressurization System
DSDSDraft SHF DAMA Standard
DSDSDeck Starboard Deck Switch
DSDSDepartment of Senior and Disabilities Services
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For each SIM, all the potential DSDs obtained for the home time slot over the four-month period were listed along with its associated frequency.
Several other DSDs could have individuals who fit some of the
DSDs can be caused by several combinations of abnormal sex chromosomes.
We do not have an accurate and reliable means of monitoring the droplet size distribution (DSD) from the moment of initiation to its final disappearance sometime during the polymerization.
In the solid-line portion, a KV generator (KVG) is connected to the same communications network as the encryption devices (DSD).
The fertility potential is considered to be highest in this group of DSDs.23 Other causes could be 11-hydroxylase deficiency, placental aromatase deficiency, exogenous steroids and maternal ovarian or adrenal tumours.
The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max come with Gigabit-class LTE for faster download speeds and Dual SIM-Dual Standby (DSDS) through the use of a nano-SIM and digital eSIM.
A report fresh from China claims the iPhone X successor and the other 2018 models launching this coming September could feature dual-SIM, dual-standby (DSDS) technology. 
The findings, the scientists believe, have important implications for patients with differences in sex development (DSDs), in which reproductive organs don't develop as expected.
New disorders of sexual development (DSDs) nomenclature includes common entities such as Turner syndrome and KS under the title of sex chromosome DSDs (22,23).
For the small raindrops, the raw DSD and inversed DSDs from interval 1, interval 3, and interval 4 agree well with the real DSDs, while the inversed DSDs from interval 2 are lower than the real DSD due to the larger intervals between bin sizes in the small-size range.