DSDVDigital Simultaneous Data and Voice
DSDVDistance Source Distance Vector (routing protocol)
DSDVDestination-Sequenced Distance Vectoring
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(AODV) has taken advantage of (DSR) features and has benefited from the (DSDV) features such as a routing over hops, a unique sequence number for each destination and periodic hello messages.
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The DVOR is compared with two proactive routing protocols: OLSR and DSDV. The proposed protocol is evaluated by three parameters: packet delivery ratio, mean delay (MD), and trip duration.
Performance analysis of AODV, DSR, DSDV and OLSR is evaluated based on Average end to end delay(s), Jitters(s), throughput (bits/s) and packet loss in Mobile ad hoc Networks.
AODV uses sequence numbers in a way similar to DSDV to avoid routing loops and to indicate the freshness of a route.
Many routing protocols are developed by researchers such as ABR, SSR, DSDV, CGSR, WRP, OLSR, Beeadhoc, AODV, ZRP, TORA, AntNet, HOPNET and DSR.
By using different protocols such as AODV, DSDV, LEACH, and HETRA, energy efficiency and NLT analysis are made.
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