DSEAData Station Emulation Adapter
DSEADavis Submerged Escape Apparatus (oxygen rebreather)
DSEADirection des Services de l'Environnement et de l'Assainissement (French: Environment and Sanitation Services Department)
DSEADietary Supplement Education Alliance (Sarasota, FL)
DSEADipartimento di Sistemi Elettrici e Automazione (Italian: Department of Electrical Systems and Automation; University of Pisa; Pisa, Italy)
DSEADefense Security Enterprise Architecture (US DoD)
DSEADelaware State Education Association
DSEADomestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 (proposed US legislation)
DSEADurham Strategic Energy Alliance (Canada)
DSEADefence Safety and Environment Authority (UK)
DSEADisplay Station Emulation Adapter
DSEADomino Signal Encryption Algorithm
DSEADisciplinary Society and Education Association (Project Kaleidoscope)
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The DSEA is part of the industry-led drive to inject new life into the economy and prepare the area for life after Dounreay.
Succeeding Benninger as DSEA vice president is David Morrison, vice president for scientific and regulatory affairs at The Vitamin Shoppe.
Cole later notes that suspect citizens "would then be subject to the deportation power, which the DSEA would expand to give the Attorney General the authority to deport any noncitizen whose presence he deems a threat to our 'national defense, foreign policy or economic interests'" (2003, 4).
Contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to oppose any efforts to eliminate the sunset provisions of the USA Patriot Act and any DSEA proposals that would expand threats to our civil liberties.
The League is also concerned about the effect that the Patriot Act and the proposed DSEA could have on the checks and balances of government.
* Expatriation: Section 501, one of DSEA's most radical sections, provides that an American citizen may be stripped of his citizenship--and the constitutionally protected rights that go with citizenship--if charged with "joining or serving in, or providing material support ...
The intended Domestic Security Enhancement Act (DSEA) goes far beyond even the outrage of the Patriot Act [David Cole, "Patriot Act's Big Brother," March 17].
If they have, the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) would like to know.
To allow for the long-term growth and sustainability of STEAM, instead of a short-lived 'flash in the pan approach' an association called DSEA (Discovery Science, Engineering, and Arts) has been created.
The Delaware State Education Association (DSEA), after 10 years of work with legislators, helped usher in Delaware's binding arbitration law in 2003, which requires public employers and unions to negotiate binding grievance arbitration language for their successor contract if it does not yet include such language.