DSEISDraft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
DSEISDivision of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services (Office of Research Services; US NIH)
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Uma situacao que a partir de 2015 comecou a ser enfrentada pelo MS, que ampliou a oferta de medicos nos DSEIS de 247, em 2011, para 582 naquele ano.
Desde os primeiros anos de atuacao da Funasa como orgao responsavel pelo SASI, a principal forma de operacionalizacao dos DSEIs e atraves da politica de terceirizacao e do estabelecimento de convenios com repasses de recursos para organizacoes nao-governamentais, prefeituras e associacoes indigenas para que estas executassem as acoes de saude.
Hoje, apenas tres entidades privadas sem fins lucrativos estao conveniadas: a Missao Evangelica Caiua (15 DSEIs), a Associacao Paulista para o Desenvolvimento da Medicina (SPDM, 15 DSEIs) e o Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof.
Sao incluidas nessa classificacao as estrategias de ocupacao de predios publicos, a detencao de funcionarios dos DSEIs; a apreensao de veiculos ou as manifestacoes publicas.
The implementation of PMM in DSEIs is configured as a timely experience for research and analysis in the areas of collective health, health anthropology and related matters.
We will focus on the second phase of the research, in which the researchers adapted the questionnaire in order to be applied with professionals from DSEIs (district and medical coordinators) and the indigenous communities.
These two theoretical elements are essential for the analysis of the data presented by the opinion survey on PMM in DSEIs. In addition, they demonstrate the importance of a more in-depth reflection on the idea of differentiated services, a key concept of PNASPI.
Lastly, the EPA argued that the DSEIS did not contain a detailed analysis of Keystone Corridor Alternative routes, which would parallel the existing Keystone pipeline and would "likely reduce further impacts to groundwater resources."
The category Indigenous does not appear on the maps, since all the doctors registered in an Indigenous Health Unit were allocated to the central establishments of the DSEI located in the state capitals--so that it was not possible to identify in which municipalities, specifically, these doctors were working.
Profile of No of No of Proportion of municipality municipalities doctors doctors (%) allocated Poverty * 963 2974 63 Other ** 250 732 16 G100 *** 36 442 9 State Capital 8 321 7 Metropolitan Region 37 193 4 DSEI (Indigenous 6 54 1 Health District) Total 1294 4716 100 * This value (Poverty) is the total of municipalities with at least 20% of their population living below the poverty level.