DSENDrug Safety and Effectiveness Network (Canada)
DSENDEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Sensitive
DSENDundee Social Enterprise Network (Dundee, Scotland, UK)
DSENDatascension, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
DSENDual-Spaced Epithermal Neutron
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In 2010, a pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) was established and, in 2011, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Health Canada established the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN), including the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES), to facilitate ex-post drug safety analyses (Suissa et al.
In response, the Senate Committee called for a further independent assessment of the DSEN's ability to work independently from CIHR and Health Canada (97) but it declined to make any specific recommendations about its reporting structure, noting that "CIHR is currently viewed by Canadians as a trustworthy and well-regarded organization." (98) In our view, the high public esteem of an organization is of little relevance to a relatively straightforward institutional conflict of interest analysis, but the Senate's prudent recommendation opens the door for further reflection on the DSEN's structure.
(describing Canada's DSEN network); Medicines that Work for
Deeply single-edge-notched (DSEN) bend specimens with dimensions 83(S) X 17.5(W) X 3(t) mm were cut from these injection-molded plaques.
(3) on a grade of UHMWPE that the plane stress [w.sub.e] measured by DENT and DSEN were significantly different from each other.
Besides DDENT, a variety of sample geometries such as deeply center-notched tension specimens (DCNT), deeply single edge-notched tension specimens (DSEN), and modified double edge-notched tension specimens (MDENT), have been developed for specific material tests (8).