DSFSDeutscher Sportclub für Fußballstatistiken (German: German Sports Club for Football Statistics)
DSFSDead Sea Fault System (geology)
DSFSDatascan Field Services (Alpharetta, GA)
DSFSDesert Schools Financial Services (Arizona)
DSFSDelaware State Fire School (Dover, Delaware)
DSFSDirectly Send Flash SMS (Short Message Service)
DSFSDeep-Sea Fishing Station (est. 1946; Fishing Survey of India)
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The tool can be used to evaluate the performance of window systems such as AFWs and DSFs. AFWs are used for exhausting space air, and DSFs can be naturally ventilated while cavity air is overheated by solar radiation.
The aforementioned endogenous variables are non-traditional DSFs (dsf), availability of CBS (cbsch), and availability of TBAs (tba).
DSFs are the only swap futures contract with broad enough client participation to be listed on the CFTC commitment of traders large open interest holders report, with more than 40 holders in each of the 5-year and 10-year contracts -- with positions held by all major client segments, including asset managers, leveraged money, and dealers.
On the other hand, tectonic disturbances such as faults of different trends are marked the carbonates rocks in the region; these faults resulted by various tectonic effects related to the activity of the Dead Sea Faults System (DSFS) in the region.
It was of no coincidence that the same year Dubai Government had also launched the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) - to boost the emirate's retail, trade and tourism sectors.
(21,22) Two successful DSF designs include the Daimler Building in Berlin built in 1996 and the Deutsche Post in Bonn, Germany, built in 2003.
Several baffling online papers on plate tectonics seem to state that the DSFS is where the Arabian and Sinai plates meet, grind against each other, and thrust into Eurasia.
Revenue Procedure 93-94 treats a DSF or QSF as a "party to the suit or agreement" and allows a defendant or its insurer to settle one or more claims by agreeing to pay a cash settlement into the fund.
The Internal Revenue Code was amended in 1986 to facilitate such trusts.(71) Section 468B authorizes the creation of an entity called the "designated settlement fund," or DSF, which in practice utilizes the trust form.(72) Congress envisioned the DSF as a vehicle for "resolving and satisfying present and future claims ...
468B(g), which clarified Congress's intent to subject a settlement fund to current taxation regardless of whether a DSF election was made:
A polyglot with consummate mastery in four languages, Bin Landan is a 43-year-old Civil Defence employee by day and a crowd-pleaser at night come DSF. And he's been at it for each of the last ten DSF campaigns.