DSGADepression Support Group Association (est. 1990; UK)
DSGADelaware State Golf Association (Hockessin, DE)
DSGADifferent Strokes Golf Association (Dallas, TX)
DSGADisease-Specific Genomic Analysis (mathematical method)
DSGADirettore Servizi Generali Amministrativi (Italian: Director General Services Administration)
DSGADynamique des Systèmes Géologiques et Aléas (French: System Dynamics and Geological Hazards)
DSGADipartimento di Studi Geologici ed Ambientali (Italian: Department of Geological and Environmental Studies)
DSGADesignated Shellfish Growing Area (Massachusetts)
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Tabela 1: Parametros adotados no AG classico para execucao dos experimentos Parametro Valor Adotado Representacao do Binaria (DSGA) Cromossomo Selecao Roleta Substituicao Steady State Taxa de Substituicao 90% da Populacao Tamanho da Populacao 10 Cruzamento OnePointCrossover (OP) Taxa de Cruzamento 90% Mutacao Inversao de bit Taxa de Mutacao 1% Numero de Geracoes [greater than or equal to] 5.000 (25 internas e 200 externas) Criterio de Parada 25 geracoes internas sem convergencia + 200 geracoes externas Funcao de Aptidao Algoritmo de Dijkstra modificado para o calculo do caminho critico (SHANKAR e SIREESHA, 2010).
It generates the DSGA message in a geometric method and detects the traffic conditions stored in the VSGA message.
While regarding drivers as nodes, the points of areas as edges and drivers based social group architecture (DSGA) are formed, mentioned as another SGA identifier.
In ride-sharing service, the messages are divided into the DSGA based message and VSGA based message.
Following that, with DSGA identifier, each vehicle processes the DSGA message generation procedure and makes a basic matching in a geometric method.
In the DSGA identifier message, each vehicle contains two message lists the vehicles information list and publish message list.
When the relay vehicles received the request, the DSGA message will be first calculated to math with the request.
As shown if Figure 5, the own VSGA message generation is another key part in our DSGA framework; we should improve the matching precision and, meanwhile, do not add to much network bandwidth and operation cost.
And DSGA only scheme will go to the free road, slight road congestion segment, and road congestion segment with the probability P = 1/N, where N denotes the number of the request.
The dark one shows the DSGA+VSGA scheme waiting time for the passengers meeting the matching vehicles, while the light way finds the DSGA scheme waiting time.