DSGMDemand Side Groundwater Management (India)
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Especially large quantities have been found in the Boa Esperanca, Murropoci, Nuaparra, Namirrapo, Mucholone and Marropino pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Amazonite, the bluish green variety of microcline, has been reported from the Monapo, Carapira, Leonora, Mueterere, Namacala, Lice and Malolo pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Microlite has been reported from six major pegmatites and pegmatite groups including the Marropino, Morrua, Nampoca, Napir and Munhamola pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Molybdenite has been reported from the Maria III pegmatite (DSGM, 1974).
It is a common mineral, noted from a dozen different pegmatites and pegmatite groups (DSGM, 1974).
Petalite is reported as one of several lithium-bearing minerals (including also lepidolite, amblygonite and spodumene) known to occur at seven pegmatites and pegmatite groups (DSGM, 1974).
Pollucite has been reported from the Morrua, Mocachaia, Alata, Intotcha and Nahora pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Examples have also been recorded from the Macula, Nahaji, Morrua, Melela and Namarripa pegmatite (DSGM, 1974).
Other occurrences include the Boa Esperanca, Ehiale, Namovela, Massive, Horta, Mtomoti, Namivo, Tomeia, Nampoca and Mugeba pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Scapolite (not specified as marialite or meionite) was reported from the Niessa-Isabela pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).
Spodumene, including the varieties hiddenite and kunzite, as well as other lithium minerals such as lepidolite, petalite and amblygonite, have been reported from seven major pegmatites and pegmatite groups (DSGM, 1974), including the Mujane pegmatite (Sinkankas, 1981).
Thorianite has been identified from the Namivo-Tomeia-Nampoca group of pegmatites (DSGM, 1974).