DSGSDistrict Steering Group (Kenya)
DSGSDeutsche Studiengesellschaft für Straßenmarkierungen eV (German: German Research Association for Road Markings)
DSGSDubai St. George's Society (UK)
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The openly-recruited DSGs also pose a human resource problem.
If either Dsg 1 or Dsg3 function is disrupted because of an antibody directed against it, then Dsg1 or Dsg3 compensates for the impaired adhesive function of the other.
A recently proposed general technique to overcome this difficulty is the discrete shear gap (DSG) technique.
Volkswagen has also boosted the performance of the Golf GTI, the new version of which will produce 169 kW/230 PS and 180 kW/245 PS (GTI Performance) and a new 7-speed DSG (dual clutch gearbox) will gradually replace the 6-speed DSG as a high-efficiency gearbox.
Several DSGs were awarded medals for exceptional performance during the course of training at the camp.
No--that's what it used to mean until 2005, when DSG Systems installed the first prototype of its Self-service Bag Drop (SBD) solution for Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
Moreover, teaching, training, and assessment for sign language interpreters in DSGS has been developed on an ongoing basis since 1985 towards the current Bachelor level at the HfH Zurich (University of Applied Sciences: Special Needs Education Zurich).
In this section, based on the aforementioned properties of DSGs, we propose both synchronous and asynchronous distributed scheduling algorithms for the problem of dKC-MCB.
The RecFOR pathway of homologous recombination (HR) repairs daughter strand gaps (DSGs) formed when DNA adducts are not repaired by NER before replication.
The consequence of these assumptions is that the collecting semantics may associate a control-flow-graph vertex with more concrete stores (i.e., DSGs) than would be the case were we to start with a conventional concrete semantics.
Serving the English expat community, the DSGS mixes fun and social activities with fundraising for some excellent charities.