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DSHDisproportionate Share Hospital
DSHDomestic Short Hair (cat)
DSHData Storage Hierarchy
DSHDesperately Seeking Help
DSHDual Speed Hub
DSHDistributed Synchronization Hardware
DSHDavies Symphony Hall (San Francisco, CA)
DSHDeliberate Self-Harm
DSHDomaine Saint Hubert (French hotel)
DSHDesert Samaritan Hospital (Arizona)
DSHDiscret Sérieux Humble (French: Discreet Serious Humble)
DSHDyschromatosis Symmetrica Hereditaria
DSHDigital Solar Heat
DSHDesperately Seeking Help (USENET)
DSHDesert Springs Hospital (Las Vegas, Nevada)
DSHDiameter at Stump Height (forestry)
DSHDear Sweet Husband
DSHDevelopment Support Hardware
DSHDesperately Seeking Husband
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Reasons for DSH ranged from complex psychological conflicts and minor daily hassles and irritants.
The DSH adjustment (add-on payment as percent of DRG payment and expressed in decimals) is computed as in the following example:
Under Pakistani law (based on tenet of Islam) both suicide and deliberate self-harm (DSH) are illegal acts, punishable with a jail term and financial penalty.
Nintendo UK is also supporting the next edition of DSH's pioneering national schools esports tournament.
Nashwa Ali was brought to the DSH on April 6, along with her twin sister, Amisha Ali, for treatment of diarrhoea.
It is pertinent to mention that in Baby Nishwa case Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) sealed Darul Sehat Hospital (DSH) on CM's Executive Order on 24th April, 2019.
This is especially important given the uncertain future of Medicaid reimbursement and DSH funding and also potential growth in the number of uninsured if major parts of the Affordable Care Act are repealed or allowed to fail.
In fact, their knowledge of the Clinic and readiness to encourage others to benefit from the expertise of the medical staff of the hospital - which led them to start DSH - helped in saving the life of one of their relations, Chief (Mrs.) OyeyemiAyotundeOsibamowo.Osibamowo, who was eighty in 2015, reveals that when she became ill at fifty-three, she and her husband travelled to the UK for medical treatment.
Medical College, Kottayam in the year 2000 was 1457, out of which 614 cases (42.1%) were fatal cases of deliberate self-harm (DSH).
The literature presents differing views on whether DSH and suicide are different levels of the same behavior continuum or are separate behaviours entirely (Farrelly & Francis, 2009; De Leo et al., 2006).